e-Learning and Changing Role Of Students As Contributors to Learning.

I think inviting students to enrich and expand their learning through technology will provide a motivation so necessary for the 21st century learners. The emerging role of students as contributors provides student centered learning approach which allows students to have power over their learning and according to Clifford, (2012), having authority for their own learning is best as students become more responsible to their learning while teachers become facilitators of learning rather than direct source of learning. I agree with Allan November, that we have to prepare our students for 21st century work environment and by giving them authority in the classroom; we are providing them with the platform to enhance 21st century skills of creating, communicating, contributing and collaborating.

Most importantly, technology –enhanced learning (e-learning) extends the learning opportunity beyond the classroom and allows seamless learning opportunities that bridge the formal learning in schools with the informal learning outside of classroom and school, (Alberta Education, 2012) and allows accessibility of the learning activities anytime, anywhere . However, it exposes students to the online world and provides opportunities for students to be part of the participatory digital culture. There are many pitfalls awaiting students entering the online world and that students need to learn not only to keep themselves safe but to behave ethically as well.

It is the responsibility of the educator not only to facilitate student learning but also develop digital literacy and citizenship in students that will prepare them for the changing world of technology in which is their future.



I am Ashmita and a secondary school teacher currently taking a break from permanent teaching as I am back on studies.  However, I am teaching on casual basis in a special need school,(new path from secondary classrooms which I am enjoying a lot).

Technology was just emerging into classroom when I took a break, however, being a mother of a 12 year old, who is more proficient in technology , I can say  that students start school technologically literate but what they learn and how they learn still depends on the skills of the teacher and for this reason I believe that a teacher needs to be sufficiently technologically proficient.