I am Ashmita and a secondary school teacher currently taking a break from permanent teaching as I am back on studies.  However, I am teaching on casual basis in a special need school,(new path from secondary classrooms which I am enjoying a lot).

Technology was just emerging into classroom when I took a break, however, being a mother of a 12 year old, who is more proficient in technology , I can say  that students start school technologically literate but what they learn and how they learn still depends on the skills of the teacher and for this reason I believe that a teacher needs to be sufficiently technologically proficient.




2 thoughts on “INTRODUCTION

  1. Lenore says:

    Hi Ashmita, I totally agree with you in saying that teachers need to be sufficiently technologically proficient. Whilst we may not know it all and learn from our students along the way, professional development in terms of technology is crucial I believe. All the best for this subject,


    • ashnand says:

      Hi Lenore. Thanks for leaving a comment. I agree with you, professional development is important and I could say from my casual teaching experience that many schools (that I have been to) have taken the initiative to have PD sessions to upgrade their teachers in terms of technology. All the best to you too for this course.


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