Using Web2.0 in Teaching

Web 2.0 tools provide the means to communicate, share, and present materials within the classroom and to the outside world. These tools are known to be effective for open-ended tasks (Cook & Harrison, 2008), and their ubiquitous availability encourages extended and enhanced learning. In a Web 2.0 world, there are continuous opportunities to share ideas, get feedback from others, expand on existing information, socialize, and collaborate. Thus, the use of these Web 2.0 applications reflects efforts to enhance the level of meaningfulness of information and content in the context of expanding students’ insights (Plough, 2008).

Three ways of using Web2.0 in teaching

  1. Digital Storytelling or presentation – digital story is a personal narrative that shows the authors reflection of a learning process. Using web application such as Animoto that produces videos using images and music selected by the user resulting in a professional quality video.
  2. Collaboration and network building – using Blogs –  creates collaborative learning space for teachers and students, allowing for discoveries, sharing ideas and discussing important topic.
  3. Storing and sharing information – using SlideShare ( This  free online application lets users upload PowerPoint or Open Office presentation files and share them online. Power Point documents, or any office document, stored on the web with a permanent URL are a valuable resource. No need to email the file to recipients, or carry a copy around on a USB drive. This can be used by students to upload reports and assignments instead of submitting a hard copy.

Utilization of aspects of new technology, like Web 2.0, can provide the tools allowing for diverse approaches to education and makes constructivist approach to learning possible.


  • Crook, C., & Harrison, C. (2008). Web 2.0 technologies for learning at key stages 3 and 4
  • Plough, C. (2008). Web 2.0 tools motivate student creativity. Tech and Learning.  retrieved from article/8534




2 thoughts on “Using Web2.0 in Teaching

  1. foscoe says:

    Thanks for these and thanks for the post. There really are loads of great web 2.0 resources out there that can be used to serve education well. The web 2.0 movement (or I guess you could call it ‘thing’) is an interesting aspect of education. In my opinion, I think the use of web2.0 tools in education is a very important inclusion to make for the simple reason of helping to connect students ‘school-life’ to ‘everyday-life’ and essentially this is helping students to see that life is all about learning and being a lifetime learner…whether you like it or not!



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