Web- Based Learning Resources


ggogle app


These communication and collaboration apps include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Sites, and a GAFE account unlocks access to dozens of other collaborative tools supported by Google. All of these applications exists completely online (or in the cloud), meaning that all creations can be accessed from any device.

  1. Google Drive – to store all of the digital files and access them from any device in the world.
  2. Google Docs – can be used to create lab reports, storyboard and other documents that can be shared through icloud.
  3. Google Slide – to create great slideshows that can be collaborated on and shared.
  4. Google Forms – to collect data assess & monitor student progress.
  5. Google Sheets – to manipulate data and keep track of it
  6. Google Drawings – to create great visuals for projects and assignments.






Smart student response system that allows the teacher to interact with the students – quizzes, games, exercises. Good for pre-assessment, collecting background knowledge & reflection. Socrative empowers you to engage and assess your students as learning happens. Through the use of real-time questioning, result aggregation, and visualization, you have instant insight into levels of understanding so you can use class time to better collaborate and grow as a community of learners.

Its available on iOS Apps, Android Apps, Chrome Apps, Kindle Apps, Windows Apps, and all web browsers making it accessible in all educational technology settings






Edmodo is a web-based platform that provides a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content, and access homework, grades and school notices. It is like Facebook but in a safe and controlled environment appropriate for school.

Heres why I will use it for my class

  1. Runs on all platform – Students can upload their work on any device, and I can view it and provide feedback regardless of my location and the smart device I am on. It doesn’t matter if the school is BYOD, or if the hardware is changed, all of the information will remain on Edmodo, despite our individual or school-based technology choices.
  2. Edmodo provides you with a secure environment where you can create a classroom group for your students. In this virtual group you can :
  • Place digital resources on edmodo for students to access or download,
  • Create polls for students to vote online.
  • Write short summaries of lessons for students who were absent from class (better yet: get your students to write the summary).
  • Post homework information.

These apps are highly effective, user-friendly, responsive and collaborative, the technology defintly enhances the learning process.




2 thoughts on “Web- Based Learning Resources

  1. hdean06 says:

    Thank you for your blog, I am a little naive about technology and did not realise Google had so much to offer in its uses!! I use it for a search engine and that is all. I also had not heard of http://socrative.com/ – it sounds like a great resource for assessing students. I will look into it.
    My oldest daughter has used Edmodo a few years ago with her class, unfortunately there were a lot of parents against it due to thinking it was like facebook. I am hoping to use it when I eventually have my own class.


    • ashnand says:

      Hi Holly,
      I too was naïve about technology, so to say, on my first day of teaching, I was so scared to touch the IWB so basically used it as projector on that day and in the evening I did some homework on it and was ready to go from the next day.

      And to keep the par with the students, I had to be ready so came across a few more of the resources but then again through Google – search engine. And so once the journey begun to search for technological resources the path became familiar. so my advice to you is be bold and search for resources on-line and try them out – do have a firewall so you can be safe as well.



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