Collaborative technology can be used to support student collaboration and provide interactive experiences. These digital tools are fun and engaging and also support 21st Century skills like collaboration, communication and creativity.

This technology provides an array of functionality in the classroom that support student collaboration. We can use traditional teaching approaches that enhances collaboration such as Jigsaw, Project -Based Learning, Groups Works, Think-Pair-Share integrated with collaborative technology such as Edmodo, Yammer or Wridea (to name a few) to provide greater opportunity for connectivity.

I found the following Youtube video captivating that shows how to create a collaborative classroom using technology – Naturally Smart.


The following articles that I came across in my research, identifies free online collaboration tools which could be useful in our classroom.





  1. Jock Steele-Park says:

    Hi Ashnand,
    Enjoyed the youtube clip, and the narrator commenting that “students are natural learners, yet in schools we often create environments where learning doesn’t take place naturally”. So accurate, in that we as teachers sometimes think we are the only ones with the knowledge, and that students can’t possibly learn from anybody else but the teacher. While students can learn a lot by listening to a teacher, they would prefer to, and can quite easily learn from each other.

    Jock Steele-Park


    • ashnand says:

      So very true, Jock, students learn from everything and everyone around them. We as teachers just need to give a little room for their little wings to fly, explore and learn.

      The question is do we want to treat them like kites with the string attached to keep them within boundaries or to treat them like a pet bird and give them open space to fly but train them in a manner that they know their way back home, safe and sound.



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