Teaching with technology is a wicked problem.

   Wicked problems require creative solutions.

   And TEACHERS are designers of the total packages.”

                                                          Punya Mishra



An expert teacher of 21st century digital age would be those who can bring together knowledge of subject matter (content), what is good for learning (pedagogy), and technology (ICT). The combination is described as Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK).

This framework outlines that integrating technology into teaching is not simply adding ICT to traditional approaches, it depends upon deep knowledge of how ICT can be used to access and process subject matter (TCK) and understanding how ICT can support and enhance learning (TPK) in combination with PCK.

This knowledge of TPACK framework will enable me to weigh pros and cons of choosing technology resources for my content matter while developing my lesson after all I agree with Punya Mishra – “technology changes what we teach , how we teach and the context within which teaching and learning happens.


I would say I have just entered the TPACK zone of the framework as I am still learning but  I will be able to claim I am an Expert Teacher not before long.




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